DIVERSITATIS Foundation – Promoting seed diversity for organic agriculture.


Stop the loss of crop diversity

In many places of the world one can still find plenty of peasant crop varieties. But their existence is put at risk by industrial agriculture. While the loss continues, civil society structures are often weak and cannot provide the necessary seed saving actions.

Seed saving actions mean establish drying rooms and archive rooms, cultivating show gardens, organising exchange platforms, offering workshops on seed growing, and much more. Effective action in many places is not a question of committed and competent people – there are numerous – but of a few thousand Franc or Euro to get started.

DIVERSITATIS supports all kinds of seed saving projects. Our long-term goal is one strong and stable organization in every country of the world that promotes bio-cultural diversity in agriculture and horticulture practically and socio-politically.

How to apply for funding

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Request & contact

Feel free to contact us for any questions about the criteria and the procedure at office_at_diversitatis.org.

Our Seed Saving Projects

These projects will be sponsored from our first donations.

Community Seed Bank Croatia Vukomerić, Kroatien DIVERSITATIS unterstützt den Aufbau des Gemeinschaftssamenarchivs

Community Seed Bank Croatia


DIVERSITATIS supports the installation of a community seed bank. Giving shelter to the crop diversity of Croatia, the archive will be maintained by a seed savers network.
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Preserving seed diversity in Tanzania


DIVERSITATIS supports the development of local and organic seed production in Tanzania.
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