DIVERSITATIS Foundation – Promoting seed diversity for organic agriculture.

In brief

Diversitatis is Latin and means Foundation of Diversity.

The DIVERSITATIS Foundation promotes biological diversity in agriculture and horticulture. We do this by:

  • running a seed bank in Switzerland
  • supporting seed saving projects all over the world
  • working for the creation of a global market of freely and fairly traded seeds.

The DIVERSITATIS Foundation was founded in 2017 by the Austrian seed savers association “Arche Noah“. It is a non-profit foundation under Swiss law based in Zurich and Vienna.


The foundation’s purpose is to preserve and develop biological diversity and to promote its sustainable use, in particular with regard to crop plants, wild plants and livestock.

We put the focus of sustainable agriculture on an abundance of varieties of vegetables, fruits, beans, oilseeds, roots, tubers, nuts, herbs, medicinal plants, as well as the great number of local livestock breeds. We support people who collect, preserve, make available, and refine this wealth of varieties. We advocate that access to biological diversity must remain free of patents and thus open to everyone.

Our philosophy

Preserving by using.

Christian Schrefel

President of the board of trustees, Vienna
+43 699 10107493

Dr. Kathrin Arioli

Vice president of the board of trustees, Zurich

Bernd Meyer

Member of the board of trustees, Groningen

Walter Kacirek

Operative manager, Vienna